It’s None of My Business

Tweet-sized bytes around the future of work

1/ Organisations need generalist advisers who are not attached to their experience and expertise. Fresh eyes + deep understanding of individuals across cultural divides will mark emerging consulting paradigms.

This puts pressure on business schools. #futureofwork

2/ In the words of David S. Rose,

“All companies designed to succeed in the 20th century are doomed to fail in the 21st century.”

Several reasons —

The new world is digital. The new generation is digital.
Change is on an accelerating curve.

Learning is not exponential. #futureofwork

3/ Companies are led by people trained on industrial age methods by industrial age academics in industrial age institutions. Leadership is about growing existing portfolios by scaling. #Innovation means disrupting existing mindsets and methods.

This is new. #futureofwork

4/ In the past, technology tried to keep up with human needs. Today technology is way ahead. We need people who understand multiple things and are willing to collaborate. No one person can know enough about anything to add value holistically.

Mutual respect is key. #futureofwork

5/ The intersection of #Design #Technology #Business #SocialImpact #Sustainability and #psychology is where value lies. The #futureofwork is driven by perishable knowledge and an educational paradigm driven by the #Abundance mindset.

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