Is this my Facebook Farewell?

Ken Homer’s Goodbye to Evil

• Tuned its algorithms to spread hatred and anger and outrage.

• Interfered with the democratic elections of several countries — my own included.

• Become a platform for extremists from which they can launch misinformation campaigns that go against Facebook’s community standards yet also go unchecked by those that Facebook charges with enforcing those standards.

• Ignored internal studies showing the damage it and its ancillary platform, Instagram, does to the self-esteem of teenage girls, leading to nobody knows how many suicides.

• Undermined the public trust in science by allowing the spread of misinformation to go unchecked leading to who knows how many preventable deaths from the pandemic.

• Actively fomented genocide.

• Shown no remorse for its actions but instead defends and deflects and justifies what it does.

Facebook regularly undertakes the kind of actions that we see in power-hungry dictators.

“all that is necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for good people to remain silent.”

One, would be If Facebook offers up a mea culpa and makes substantive changes in their business and revenue model, becoming more transparent and open to actually becoming a force for good in the world. The other would be if Congress steps in and forces such changes. Should neither of those occur in 2022, I will delete my account on 1 Jan 2023.

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