The vaccines might give relief by numbing our fears, but the pandemic is really nature’s long overdue wake-up call to humankind.

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Optimism is good, obstinacy is not. 2020 is done and dusted. People waited the year out for things to go back to normal. Most of us are still waiting for the return of the normal we’ve known, and to get vaccine shots so we can go back to familiar, ‘business as usual’ lives.

These recently approved vaccines Moderna, Pfizer-BionTech and Oxford-Astrazenecawill probably protect us humans from the COVID-19 virus. Going by the enthusiastic anticipation of the vaccine, it almost seems like we believe it will also inoculate us against the ills of our species, whereas, at best…

Love that you say 'we have met the enemy and the enemy is us." This is reflected in my post Why Covid-19 is not the Problem and the Vaccine is not the Solution

Your thoughts?

Earlier in 2020 I suggested that Back is NOT the Way Forward ...

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I found this buried in the product description section of Margaret Wheatley’s Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time on Amazon.

Willis Harman, an invaluable mentor to me and many people, changed my work with a letter he wrote me in 1994. Willis urged me to continue speaking my message but warned me not to derive it solely from science. As he did with so many, he wanted me to understand the deeper premises of modern science, which, for all the “new science” hoopla, were anything but new. He encouraged me to explore the deeper values and premises of my work that were far more important than any science.

I contemplated his letter for months. I realized that I was using…

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Is COVID-19 just another pandemic that will pass, or is it an inflection point that can help humanity and the rest of the planet thrive together?

The critical difference between the disruption caused by #COVID-19 and almost every “similar” event in history is the current state of technology. The world has never been more connected: connectivity that has facilitated real-time collaborations across timezones, and equipped humanity with the unprecedented advantage of fighting the virus as one. And technologies that are accelerating simultaneously as they continue demonstrating an aspect of Moore’s Law (the well-known phenomenon of doubling in performance every 18 to 24 months), that technological growth is exponential. …

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Consulting and Technology companies have gobbled up design firms in the hope of adding design thinking to their offerings. But things have not been hunky dory.

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My profile for those who care to know.

I like technology.

But I like people even more. And the planet.

I have been an entrepreneur. Always.

Integral Design — A Touchstone

We live in a runaway world hurtling towards the mythical future. A world we don’t understand and perhaps never will. Yet these are interesting times. They are times of danger and growing uncertainty, while they are also more open and beholden to the creativity of humans than any other time in history. What we see around us reinforces the notion that everything happens a lot faster now than it did in the past. Even the recent past seems so far away. The Atlantic Journal published the following about the present situation.

“The world is too large for us. Too much…

Tweet-sized bytes around the future of work

1/ Organisations need generalist advisers who are not attached to their experience and expertise. Fresh eyes + deep understanding of individuals across cultural divides will mark emerging consulting paradigms.

This puts pressure on business schools. #futureofwork

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2/ In the words of David S. Rose,

“All companies designed to succeed in the 20th century are doomed to fail in the 21st century.”

Several reasons —

The new world is digital. The new generation is digital.
Change is on an accelerating curve.

Learning is not exponential. #futureofwork

3/ Companies are led by people trained on industrial age methods by industrial age…

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There’s a war out there in the world of business. Designers are still fighting ghosts while consultants are busy digging for gold. Integral design is our white flag.

There has always been a fuzziness surrounding design. The word itself defies definition. And it was barely able to get on the radar of many businesses until customer opinions on digital media began to reign supreme and Apple’s success with design became apparent and compelling. To apply the power of design, these phenomena have driven VCs, Consulting firms and Infotech companies to a shopping spree of design firm acquisitions.

Along the way, design thinking is helping businesses clarify design by emphasizing a focus on customers. In the process though, it has also fueled the age-old confusion about what design is…

Sunil Malhotra

Zen maverick | white light synthesiser | #Designthinking | founder + Cocreator #bmgen Book | #DesigninTech | #ExponentialTransformation

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